About the Awards

This Is Manchester Awards™ Live

Our city is our hive, where we learn to live, work and thrive – This is Manchester and this year, more than ever we rose to the challenge. That’s what we're built on; not to turn our backs but, to prove we truly “do things differently”.

In a year where action and attention has never been more important, we invite back our celebration as a new, online experience.

We adapt.

In a year forged by the rise of our key workers and marked by tenacity in our organisations, our communities, our charities & volunteers – We must.

Amongst our overwhelming messages of support, clapping for carers, the arching rainbows, generosity never falling short – Change and challenge, it runs deep in the beats in our hearts across Manchester and our surrounding region.

This is Manchester shines a light & makes some serious noise for the innovator, the creator and the exceptional amongst us. We reveal our This Is Manchester nominees and give thanks to all of you – As you take steps to make our city buzz!

Take it from us; as Founder Patrons, This Is Manchester will continue to support Hideout Youth Zones activities to enrich the community and provide “somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to”.

It’s important to celebrate and acknowledge milestones, hurdles, achievements and This is Manchester is and always will be about our people, places, organisations & culture.

We grow.

Let’s make this a time for appreciation to truly show.


Without Manchester, would Cool Britannia have ever happened?

Imagine denying the world the Manchester music scene? Would we have had to forgo the Free Trade Movement? We may have never invented the computer or Graphene, or Atomic Theory, Vegetarianism, the first submarine, competitive football, or the Rolls Royce?

With grit and wit, the Mancunian way is world class. It runs deep in its people and has reached a global audience through decades of history.

This is Manchester