Alex Ayin

Alex Ayin

Global Partnership Director at The Hut Group

Manchester-born business growth expert with Ghanaian-Irish heritage.

Raised in a city not afraid of doing things differently, I took the biggest risk of my life in 2015 and followed my curiosity rather than the path education had led me down.

After leaving the corporate world, I’ve spent the last five years growing businesses that I can be proud of with people I care about, aiming to make as much progress in each of their given fields.

Social Chain (media business):

* Europe’s largest social media publisher
* Social media agency of the year 2016, 2017 and 2018)
* 80m followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
* 2.5bn video views per month from the content team
* Advised some of the biggest companies in the world on their social media strategy (Coca-Cola, Apple, FIFA, Unicef, 21st Century Fox, BBC)

* 700+ staff across 5 global offices

Mercarto (technology business):

* Voted best tech start-up in the UK at the Business Tech Awards 2019
* Helping anyone with no coding, design or product sourcing experience, enter the e-commerce market, build a store in minutes and start selling products with no upfront investment

* Proprietary eCommerce and marketplace technology built in-house

The Hut Group (product business):

* Operating over 100 international websites selling fast moving consumer goods direct to consumer through our proprietary e-commerce platform
* Growing the impact of the wellness division in fuelling ambition around the world through external partnerships
* £1.1bn revenue in 2019
* 55 international, localised websites

* 7k employees worldwide

Always striving to be better and excited about how we shape the future 🌏

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